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Main objective

Attracting and keeping a large number of people on the labor market in Dolj, by improving the unemployed capacity to find a job especially for the youngand long-term unemployed people, with positive effects onthe employment growth rate in the county. The overall objectiveis aligned to the objective of the Axis5 and to the operational objectives of DMI 5.1. The development and implementation of active employment measures(because it proposes an integrated set of measures which are addressing especially to the young and long-term unemployed people,as the AP5 requires).

Specific objectives

1. Increasing the level of training for at least 60 young and long-term unemployed persons from Dolj county in the fields of "Expert in accessing structural funds" and "Project manager";

2. Increasing the level of certification for at least 96% of unemployed people included in the target group through CNFPA specialized certificates and the certificates issued by the foreign partner;

3. Awareness of at least 60 young and long-term un employed persons regarding the individual training needs and also regarding the possibilities to find a job or to open their own business in the consulting services field for accessing European funds;

4. Applying correctiv emeasures to decrease the unemployment among young high school o rhigher education graduates in Dolj county and the guidance of the se human resources to the labor market, after the activities integrated in the project.

5. Stimulating the insurance of a professional and competitive spirit for the trainings developed in the project, focusing on the the oretical and practical knowledge gained and on the competencies that can be developed on the labor market in the field of the European funds;

6. Stimulating the transfer of good practices from the foreign partner, with experience both in the professional training of the adults, and in project writing and management.

7. Providing the access to the labor market or to an employment form by opening a PFA or an own business for 10% of target group members as a result of implementing the project.