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Applicant - ACZ Consulting

ACZ Consulting is a private Romanian company specialized in providing consulting services at a professional level, in order to identify and to access the grant funding opportunities from the Structural Funds (European Regional Development Fund and European Social Fund).

Our mission is to provide financial solutions, technical consulting and high quality support, taking into account the specific needs, goals, ideology and the culture of each client, for ensuring a sustainable growth and development of the client’s company, paying attention to all the details concerning the elaboration of the project documentation.

One of the main objectives of ACZ Consulting consists on one hand in creating the framework for recognition, identification and fulfillment of the client’s needs and aspirations, in order to simplify and optimize the process of creating and filing in the application for funding, and on the other handin disseminating the useful information for the client’s company on the possible existing and future funding opportunities provided by EU

Areas of competence and expertise:

  • writing projects to access the funding from the Structural Funds in the Operational Programmes: ROP, SOP HRD OP, SOP;
  • developing cost-benefit analysis for: transport infrastructure (county roads, urban roads), infrastructure, social services, infrastructure, education, tourism infrastructure;
  • implementing the integrated plans for urban development and urban regeneration projects;
  • assistance in implementing projects financed from the structural funds for the beneficiaries of the private sector, public institutions and NGOs;
  • providing trainings in writing projects;
  • providing trainings in the Structural Funds;
  • providing trainings in project management;
  • providing trainings in financial management of the projects financed from structural funds;
  • technical assistance services for management authorities involved in managing the structural funds within ministries for training (potential beneficiaries, beneficiaries and staff of the intermediate bodies) and evaluation of project proposals in the various active operational programs at this time.

Partner 1 - Warrant Group SRL

Warrant Group (GW) is active since 1995, growing over the years for becoming a leader in its sector. GW has a client portfolio of over 2,000 companies at national level, both SMEs and large enterprises (including 20 multinational companies and 15 listed companies) and more transnational contacts in Europe.

Warrant Group is a private consulting company that offers full consulting services in the financial and business field. GW is organized in six main areas: international business, technology transfer,automatically financing throughprograms, company financing, national software (programs) financing, European Finance Division (WG-EFD), Training Division (WG-TD). All the departments work in synergy with a strategic studies department in order to be able to offer customers the best support for the success of their business initiatives and to assist in the preparation and management of strategic projects: business projects, technology and research transfer as well as projects financed by the EU or by other international financiers. The European Finance Division provides counseling and support on EU funding opportunities, and on the preparation, negotiation and management of the European proposals (including FP7). In addition, the Training Division offers to the companies training courses at their work place, using European Social Fund, the National Italian Fund (Law 236/93, Law 289/02). GW works in collaboration with the accredited training institutions to allow the customers to request and use such EU funds: Training services provided by the Training Division include: - technical assessments of the companies training needs - feasibility studies for the projects based on applicable regulations - the development and submission of the projects in the professional training field - project management and implementation assistance. The strategic studies unit is tasked to continuously monitor all the funding opportunities at the European, national and local levels to quickly and professionally perform all these opportunities and to support the group customers in every legal aspect and to put into practice in order to access thefunding opportunities. The unit provides constant information for the staff training of the whole society, and it also offers help desk services for all the GW customers.

Its European Finance division has provided consultancy and support services on EU funding opportunities for over 15 years. It participated and coordinated mainly projects financed by the European Commission: FP6-FET GAIAII, FP6-NoE AIM-SHAPE and FP6-NoE EUDNET, FP6-IST FP6-IST projects T'nD and satin. The Training Division has an extensive experience in designing and delivering professional training programs. GW is involved in the following partnerships permanently: ABI (Italian Banking Association) in Special BanchaProgetto per Lisbona - Innovhub (Special Agency for Innovation Chamber of Commerce of Milan). It is also a supportermember of APPRE (Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea) and a member of the project Promotion Committee of Imprese X INNOVAZIONE Confindustria (Italian Industrial Association), the ANDAF and Kilómetro Rosso Science Park and Technology. The European projects implemented by GW amounts to over 20 million, and the human resources training activities aims more than 500 people each year.

Partner 2 –“Mereu pentru Europa” Association

The association "MereuPentru Europa" is a nongovernmental, nonprofit and apolitical organization. It was founded in September 2005 by group of master graduates and teachers from the "European Project Management" Faculty.

A strength of the association MPE refers to the quality of its members: university graduates, with various specialties - teachers, lawyers, economists, journalists, physicians, philologists, engineers, computer scientists, with interests and skills in project management and pro-European crowd.

MPE Association aims to act in the following:

  • informing the public about the benefits and costs of Romania's EU integration;
  • assisting SMEs in preparing projects for obtaining grants from the European Union;
  • developing partnerships with other NGOs and local authorities;
  • entrepreneurship among young people;
  • promoting human rights, equal opportunities and non-discrimination;
  • improvingthe quality of education;
  • environmental protection and bio-diversity;
  • preservation of cultural heritage and traditions.

A relevant resource of the association is the fact that it is a founding and signatory member of the Regional Pact for Social Employment and Inclusion SW-Oltenia, with the RegionalOltenia Employer. From this position, the Association "MereuPentru Europa" is prepared to support, through this project and the subsequent initiatives, the activities of the Technical Secretariat of the Pact of projects aiming the social inclusion, combating discrimination and the equal opportunities for vulnerable groups.